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Announcing the Addition of Natalia Bailey

I am thrilled to announce that Natalia Bailey is joining Gattaca Horizons as a Principal Consultant. Natalia brings with her significant experience from her time working with industry and policy leaders at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) and the non-profit organization, FinRegLab. Natalia has been at the cutting-edge of financial services and key financial technology innovations, including artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and brings a thoughtful approach to helping develop next-generation policy frameworks that support responsible and inclusive development. Below is Natalia's introductory letter and why she joined Gattaca Horizons. We are thrilled to have her on the team! - Daniel

For the past two years, I've focused on exploring how emerging technologies impact financial inclusion. At FinRegLab, I delved into the legal, policy, and regulatory aspects of ML underwriting models in the U.S., and I also embarked on a project exploring how alternative data could enhance credit access for micro and small enterprises in Kenya. Now, by joining Gattaca Horizons, I'm eager to explore the broader realms of fintech, technology regulation, and continuing developments in AI/ML.

During my time at IIF, I had the privilege of working alongside leading industry experts and government officials during a transformative period for the finance sector. It's evident that fintech and emerging technologies are reshaping the financial landscape. Through various working groups, roundtables, and surveys, I had the opportunity to explore both the challenges and advantages of innovation. Importantly, these experiences underscore the necessity of embracing these technologies and crafting effective regulatory frameworks. My perspective, shaped by these diverse use cases, underscores the need for practical solutions that engage industry practitioners and serve public objectives.

As I contemplate my role in this evolving landscape, I recall my meeting with Daniel a few years ago. His commitment to fostering a client-centric culture left a lasting impression on me. I believe that this approach is the future of offering advice and guidance to financial institutions and providers as they navigate the complexities of technology and regulatory change. That's why I'm excited to join a leading boutique firm like Gattaca Horizons, where targeted support, empathetic client engagement, and value-added consulting are at the core of their ethos. Drawing from my decade-long experience at a membership-based organization, I'm eager to contribute my expertise to the team. I'm genuinely inspired by Daniel and Laura's passion and their extensive fintech and regulatory knowledge. I'm equally enthusiastic about expanding my horizons by exploring the broader ecosystem and bringing my insights in regulatory and AI/ML policy to the table.

Natalia Bailey


Gattaca Horizons

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