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Launch of Gattaca Horizons LLC

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

The advance of financial technology -- FinTech -- has much to do with the role of the internet, computing power, and mobile adoption across the globe. I have long argued that there are certain characteristics of technology-driven innovation that make "this time different" from a business, regulatory, and public policy perspective. These characteristics include: the speed of change; the rate of public adoption of new models; disintermediation; the convergence and competition of previously distinct economic sectors; and the friction internet-based platforms may experience with geographical-based regulatory frameworks.

Nevertheless, we are at an inflection point where "FinTech" is no longer a separate concept from our mainstream financial markets and services -- instead, FinTech increasingly is our financial markets and services. It is, quite simply, the future of finance. Whether it is how a loan is underwritten, a payment is made, alternative data is analyzed, a trade is processed or settled, a contract is executed, capital is raised, an asset is transferred, an investment decision is made, or microcredit is sent, technology is driving our economic lives.

The above dynamics will put pressure on existing regulatory and policy frameworks, challenge the status quo, and demand new measures to build public trust. Proactive external engagement and internal business strategies will be necessary to successfully navigate this new world. Successful strategies will be multi-faceted and require the ability to recognize the interests and perspectives of a broad range of external stakeholders. And perhaps most importantly, successful strategies will permit new models to thrive by helping to shape regulatory and policy frameworks, ensure compliance, transform the status quo, and build public trust in the benefits of change.

This is why I am launching Gattaca Horizons -- to help inform and shape the future of financial and emerging technologies. For those of you who know me, I am a movie aficionado. So, of course, a movie from the 1990s inspired my company name. In "Gattaca," we are exposed to a futuristic world where technology makes possible the literal launch of humans to new horizons, but also requires grappling with how to ensure that this new world is in fact a better world for people. To this end, I now look forward to working with today's innovators, service providers, and market participants as we work to shape a better technology-driven future.

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