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Announcing the Addition of Laura Navaratnam

I am thrilled to announce that Laura Navaratnam is joining Gattaca Horizons as Director. Laura brings with her a wealth of experience from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) where she served in a variety of senior policy and fintech leadership roles, including as Acting Head of Innovate. Below is Laura's introductory letter on her background and why she joined Gattaca Horizons. - Daniel

Like everyone around the world, the last 18 months have been tough to say the least. Having spent my career at the UK Financial Conduct Authority liaising with firms and traveling globally to support our flourishing fintech ecosystem, to suddenly have the brakes pulled so sharply was a shock. Add to that the arrival of my first child in December 2020, I have had both the need and opportunity to reflect on my personal and professional priorities.

During my time at the FCA I was fortunate to work with some incredibly talented individuals, and on issues that cut right across all areas of financial markets and services. And for me, fintech has always been a big part of solving those issues - it has the ability to improve consumers’ financial lives and well-being by reducing costs and inefficiencies, and bringing a diverse range of products within reach of historically underserved populations. Add to that the agile and innovative nature of fintech firms, which has been highlighted during the global pandemic, and it becomes clear why firms embracing new technology are rapidly closing the gap with legacy providers and incumbents. Fintech firms now have an unparalleled platform and opportunity to transform our financial lives, and I have seen first hand the solutions being fostered by such pioneering firms. But to realise these solutions in pursuit of better outcomes for markets and enhanced consumer freedom, these firms need thoughtful guidance, including with respect to safeguarding against pitfalls.

So what role do I want to play in that? It was a question I had lots of time to ponder during the first few months of my newborn daughter’s life in lockdown.

Daniel and I met several years ago, while he was heading up LabCFTC at the CFTC and I was always struck by his passion and knowledge of fintech, and the empathy and insight with which he engaged people. So when we spoke about Gattaca Horizons, and the agile, targeted support he is providing his clients, it felt like the answer I had been searching for.

I am delighted to be joining Daniel at Gattaca Horizons and look forward to using my experience and expertise to work with amazing companies and clients in building a better technology-driven future.

Laura Navaratnam


Gattaca Horizons

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