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Digital Assets: Falsely Framed as a Choice Between Privacy and National Security. We Can Have Both.

Op-Ed by Daniel Gorfine, CEO of Gattaca Horizons and Michael Mosier, former acting director at U.S. FinCEN

As the world grapples with the rise of transferable digital assets— from central-bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to stablecoins — an oft-repeated concept is that national security and law enforcement will be in conflict with individual privacy.

This belief is based on the idea that we have only two choices: either reveal individual identities so that governments can track and trace potentially illicit digital transactions, or preserve individual privacy and severely jeopardize law enforcement interests. This binary concept is on track to inform policy, regulation and product development that could permanently impact the evolution of digital assets, computing systems, and finance.

It is a false choice, and one we should not accept. [Please click here to view the full article at Dow Jones MarketWatch].

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